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  The TaL AM and iTaLAM teams have designed comprehensive, curriculum-based professional development programs providing teachers and principals with the knowledge and skills essential to the successful implementation of the TaL AM and iTaLAM programs.
iTALAM and TaL AM Training Institutes

TaL AM 1, 2 , 3, 4 & 5 and iTALAM 2 & 3 Training Institutes in parallel tracks are offered in different locations twice during the year:

The Part 1 or Summer Institute presents theory and methodology underlying the program, and introduces the units studied during the first half of the school year iTALAM for grades 2 & 3 will focus on effective implementation of the iTaLAM blended curriculum and on how to use
the multifaceted capabilities of its LMS. Torah and Parasha Tracks are offered for all grades.

The Part 2 (mid-year or Winter) Institute is devoted to the units studied during the second half of the school year, while continuing to expand on the pedagogical approach of TaL AM and the blended implementation of iTaLAM.

Read the Part 1 - 2017 Summer Institutes announcement letter.

Click here to register for Part 1, Summer 2017 Institutes.

These institutes enable participants to:
(*) Study the brain-based learning principles of TaL AM and iTaLAM.

(*) Learn the methodology of Communicative & Heritage Language and Literacy Development.

(*) Become acquainted with the content, concepts, skills and material of the program.

(*) Observe TaL AM and iTaLAM instruction on videotaped lessons of classes studying with the program.

(*) Learn how to assess students' achievements and how to use the reports from the LMSs for planned and differentiated instruction.

(*) Observe alternative teaching approaches for blended learning and ways of organizing the classroom.

(*) Fine-tune instructional skills to serve students' varied learning styles and needs.

(*) Learn to prepare a classroom portfolio and utilize it to communicate the achievements of each student, the curriculum learned, and its linkage to the next grade.

NEW: iTaLAM for Kitot Bet and Gimel

TaL AM is going digital and the new iTaLAM program is now available for grades 2 and 3 for the 2017-2018 school year, as well as Pilot Testing for Grade 1 and 4.
For successful implementation of iTaLAM in your school, teachers will participate in two comprehensive professional development institutes and 8-10 online teacher training sessions. The institutes, one before the start of the school year and the second in mid school year, will focus on effective implementation of the iTaLAM blended curriculum and on how to use the multifaceted capabilities of its Learning Management System (LMS).

 לפרטים נוספים ולמידע על ההרשמה

TaL AM is gradually transitioning to an online mode of training, in consideration of the costs that schools incur in sending teachers to participate in the TaL AM Institutes, as well as new the technological possibilities. During the school year we will be offering webinars focusing on specific topics of the curriculum in addition to the face to face meetings.

For information on planned TaL AM webinars, please keep an eye for our announcements by email, on our website and on Lev TaL AM on Facebook.

A full schedule for iTaLAM webinars according to grade level, can be found in the LMS calendar.
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