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Welcome to the world of TaL AM and Tal Sela, a unique curriculum of Hebrew Language Arts and Jewish Studies geared to students in Grades 1 to 6.

Based on years of research on the principles of language development and learning patterns, these two programs are nurturing a generation of Jewish children around the world who are literate in the Hebrew language and equipped with the knowledge, skills and commitment they need to live vibrant Jewish lives.

This curriculum was developed by a dynamic team of writers and teachers in Montreal and in Israel, led by Covenant Award recipient Tova Shimon.

How does it work?

The entire structure of the TaL AM and Tal Sela programs is based on the notion that the best learning environment for children is one in which knowledge is acquired through a variety of activities, using each of the five senses. In addition to studying from textbooks, students use music, games and visual aids to learn the Hebrew language and to develop a keen understanding of Jewish concepts and values.

Students develop their Hebrew and heritage literacy in a gradual, and spiralled process, building new ideas and concepts a top an expanding foundation of knowledge. The program gradually helps foster Jewish identity by allowing children to explore their Jewish roots and traditions in a fun and exciting manner. By making the study of Hebrew and Judaism relevant to the children's everyday lives, the program enables them to develop a true appreciation of their heritage and understand the need for continued, lifelong Jewish study.

Who uses it?

Every year, a growing number of students enjoy the benefits of the TaL AM and Tal Sela programs. At last count, the program is currently used by 347 schools around the world, enriching over 30,580 students in Canada, the United States, Europe, South Africa, South America, Australia and Asia.

TaL AM and Tal Sela are sensitive to the variety of Jewish schools, and lend themselves to guided adaptations to:
- Ideology and special ethos of the school;
- Time allocation for Hebrew and Jewish Studies;
- Teacher's style, knowledge and instructional skills;
- The Jewish calendar;
- The kindergarten curriculum.

Getting started...

Bringing the benefits of TaL AM and Tal Sela to your students has never been easier.

TaL AM has all of the student and teacher materials that you'll need to bring the program into your classrooms and homes. Workbooks, audio cassettes, videos and instructional manuals as well as library books and books on tape are arranged in organized and attractive packages.

In order to ensure successful implementation of the programs, we regularly host a series of teacher training institutes at various locations around the world, where some of the architects of the program work closely with teachers to develop mastery of the curriculum and its innovative brain-based learning methodology. All schools wanting to launch the TaL AM or Tal Sela program must first have their teachers participate in our training institutes.

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